Sierra Hardware was established in 2000. Responsive customer service, low overhead,
strong customer relationships, and robust longstanding vendor relationships have been the cornerstones of this highly-efficient company. In February of 2015, Jay Canavan purchased a controlling interest of Sierra Hardware and restructured the company to operate as a corporation: Sierra Hardware
Products, Inc. Canavan then moved the base of operations to Sonora, where it now shares office space with his other business,
Canavan Woodworks. In 2018, both companies were joined under the same name, Sierra Architectural Products, Inc., to better reflect the work we do.

Services / Products

Sierra Architectural Products furnishes and installs doors, frames, hardware, access controls, bathroom accessories,
toilet partitions, wall protection, architectural millwork and casework for commercial building applications. Our
area of service includes the majority of Northern California. The majority of our work is in healthcare facilities, tribal gaming, office centers,
mixed residential, community centers, schools/universities and law enforcement.


Our objective at Sierra Architectural products is to redefine our industry by implementing technology and business processes that aren’t commonly used in
construction. We continuously develop value added technologies and our own enterprise management software to
drastically lower administrative costs, clerical errors and boost program management efficiency. These
efforts help us better serve our clients, reducing overhead expenses and improving accuracy and efficiency.